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All Natural Barrier - Long Term Permanent Solution

You will never fully solve a rodent problem with bait or traps alone. Peppermint oil, moth balls, electronic sound and other home remedies either don't work, make things worse or offer a short term band-aid for a few weeks at best.

With traps alone you may catch the current mice inside the home but there's nothing stopping the next batch from moving right in. Bait is a form of Rodent "Control", it doesn't eliminate the problem on its own, it's meant to reduce the population and if it's not done by a professional there is a chance of exposure to kids or pets. Worst of all open bait containers leave rodents to die in your wall voids creating a nasty odor from the dead carcass. The only way to eliminate the odor is to locate the spot in the wall, cut out a section and hope you find 'em. This is a costly situation you want to avoid, I promise you. The other problem with open bait in a home is rodents have a tendency to gather it and store it somewhere else in the structure. This is a problem as you may never know where it is and worse they can bring it into your living area's like your kitchen, bedrooms or laundry rooms. The only way to fully eliminate a rodent problem for good is to seal up the entry points to eliminate the transient situation of coming in and out. This should be the center piece of any rodent proofing strategy to keep mice or rats out for good.  

Metal X System - Keeps Mice Out

For the total elimination and permanent solution to your rodent problem our Metal X System completes the job! Utilizing high performance metal, we wrap the foundation at the siding tie-in with the color of your choice. Our Rodent STOP Metal X System also includes our basic rodent proofing package which seals up all corner intersections and potential entry points on both the upper and lower levels of your home. Metal X works for Mice, Rats &  Insects using a combination of High Performance Metal, Galvanized Steel Screening, Copper Mesh, All Weather Silicone and Mortar. The Metal is a Pre-Painted Metal in which we can match to the color to your siding or use a base white trim. It doesn't just work well, it looks good too! For mice and rats, we install and anchor exterior bait/ monitoring stations for additional protection if needed. It's the best exclusion system on the planet and we back it up with a full 100% Warranty.  

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