Bed Bug Exterminator  

Meerkat Pest Control offers a full service bed bug treatment utilizing HEAT with surface knockdown treatments and residuals as needed. We have successfully treated all kinds of Bed Bug problems in the capital region and offer our full range of services at a fair price. 

Bed Bug Removal with HEAT 

HEAT easily kills bedbugs on contact on outer surfaces close to your bedding. The temperature required to kill bedbugs and their eggs needs to reach over 200 degrees. The process is used safely on beds, bedding, baseboards, mattresses, furniture, electronics, wall cavities, etc. leaving no place for bed bugs to hide. This is important as adult bed bugs have been shown to live up to a year on a single blood meal, and may simply go to a small, dark space away from mattresses to live and reproduce. Meerkat combines heat with surface knock down treatments and residuals to exterminate and stall out the growth of any nymphs.

Residential - Residential Service is offered throughout the capital region. To prep for our service you'll need to remove and bag your bedding and any clothes on the bed or floor. Take them to the laundry mat, wash and dry on high heat. Clothes and Bedding may be brought back in after the treatment. Previously used Luggage from travel should be discarded or treated. More may need to be done in extreme cases. Your inspector will give you any further preparation guidelines to follow so you receive the best treatment possible.  

Hotel - Bedbugs are a common problem. With transient activity you never know who's bringing in what and your facility should have protection. We offer top level bed bug service for hotel and lodging facilities. We offer immediate treatment and monthly monitoring protection to keep your facility bed bug free.  

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