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Those Pesky Critters are at it again!

Squirrels, BatsSkunksWoodchucksRaccoonsyou name the varmint in Wilton and we'll remove itOnce wild animals have entered your home, they not only become a nuisance, they spread bacteria and leave their droppings behind which can trigger asthma attacks in both children and adults. Bat Guano is toxic to any home and should be removedThe first step in removing a nuisance animal from a structure is to identify the animals by the droppings, sightings, rub marks, sounds, etc.  Once the animal has been identified trappers will strategically place traps and eviction devices to start the removal process. Traps are checked, re-baited and re-positioned as needed. Once the animals are caught they are removed from the property and released back into the wild away from your home. The last step is to seal up your home to prevent future re-entry, cleanup any droppings, disinfect nesting area's and repair any damage to the structure. 

Wilton Wildlife Removal - Nuisance Animal Control

Most customers we talk to in the Wilton, NY area report sounds of scratching or running in the ceiling or floors. Saratoga County is full of critters that can slip into your roof or foundation area, including flying squirrels, red squirrels, mice, bats and more. This situation becomes problematic if it interfere's with your sleep. If the sound is an intermittent scratching in the winter, it may be a bat scratching to stay warm or it could be a mouse that has become stuck. Customer's who report hearing flapping sounds, chirping and scratching usually have a bat problem in the attic. Squirrels or raccoons are much louder. Squirrels can be heard in the early morning hours scampering around the ceilings and soffits. Often they are between the first and second floor ceilings. 

Ground animals like woodchucks and skunks are very abundant in Wilton and surrounding towns. We deal with them in similar ways. Traps are baited and placed near entryways, animals are then removed and released into the wild away from your home. In some cases the structure needs to be sealed or a pyhsical barrier need to be installed to prevent re-entry. Meerkat offers a hardware cloth steel barrier that is installed by trenching down into the surrounding soil and attaching to the underside of the deck or lattice area. Lattice is often put over the barrier for decorative purposes upon completion. 

Wilton, NY - Nuisance Animal Damage Repair 

Meerkat Pest Control will repair damage from nuisance wildlife entry and also seal up any other potential entry points to prevent new animals from re-entering at a later date.  Bats only need 1/2 inch or less to enter a structure, squirrels need a slighly larger hole unless it's Flying Squirrels, and raccoon entry points are obvious. The specifics of the job are largely based on the age/condition of your home and the damage that has been done. In some case a simple patch over the existing hole or entry point will do and in other cases extensive upper level work to repair faulty fascia/soffitt is needed.  

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