Meerkat Pest Control - Trapper James

Meerkat Pest Control is proud to offer The Capital Region's very own Trapper James, a dedicated Nuisance Wildlife Trapper specializing in Nuisance Wildlife Control. Trapper James is keen at identifying nuisance wildlife entry points and the wild animal's habits throughout the trapping process. He is able to track the animal's movements and secure the capture in just about all cases. Using a qualified trapper with many years of experience delivers a great difference in service, efficiency and final resolution to your problem. Trapper James and his trained team take great pride in studying nuisance wild animals and trapping techniques for upstate NY area. For a true specialist contact us by email or call us at 518-489-7378. We practice a Humane Wildlife Removal and Release.

Wildlife Control & Pesky Critter Removal

Meerkat Wildlife Removal services include trapping for SquirrelsBats, Raccoons, Woodchucks, Skunks,  plus Mice and Rats. We also perform animal damage repair and exclusion to prevent re-entry.


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