Termite Control Service 

Termite Inspections in Albany, Clifton Park, Colonie, Ballston Spa, & Saratoga Springs, NY.

Subterranean Termites are spread throughout the Capital Region. In the sandy soil of Sarataoga and Albany County, termites often will invade a home with any type of water run off  toward the foundation, leak or moisture problem. Termites can cause signifigant structural damage to your home and go unrecognized for quite some time. Termite damage is usually discovered during a renovation project or at the time of sale by the structural inspector. Termites may also tip their hand when there is a swarm of reproductive winged termites that are visible inside or just outside the home.

Termites enter from the soil and digest the wood as they spread throughout your home. Termite monitoring should follow any service to remedy a termite condtion in your home. Termites need moisture, and are subterreanean. They use the moisture to build mud tunnels in which they navigate. More often then not termite problems occur when there is the slightest of unknown moisture problems around your foundation or slab. 

Meerkat Pest Control offers termite protection using our termite baiting system that also includes a full wood treatment to exposed sill plates, rim joists, floor joists  and damaged wood.

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