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Striped Skunks in NY Breed from February to Late March. Females skunks give birth in late May or early June.  They often use burrows carved out from woodchucks, foxes or they may dig out their own burrow under a dwelling or porch. NY Skunks have an average litter of 5 to 6 pups. In February and March, it is quite common for female skunks to take up residence under human dwellings like a porch or a deck. They will attract males from miles around. This can cause a very uncomfortable living situation and you should call a professional immediately. 

Skunks forage at night or at dawn for a variety of foods including berries, grasses, nuts and other vegetable material, as well as worms, insects, grubs and the nestlings of birds, mice and cottontail rabbits. They also prey on woodchucks and other young animals in burrows. Skunks often leave holes in the ground where they forage for insects or tear apart ground nests of small animals.

Although skunks in New York retreat to winter dens and remain inactive for extended periods, they do not hibernate. Males in particular are likely to be active aboveground periodically. They may be active even during cold weather, especially during the breeding season in February through late March. 

Skunks are host to a variety of internal and external parasites. They also can get and spread rabies and other wildlife diseases. NY skunks have been the most commonly confirmed rabies species, other than raccoons, during the spread of raccoon rabies throughout Southern New York. Coyotes, foxes, owls, bobcat and fisher will prey on skunks, and collisions with cars are a common cause of skunk deaths.

If you feel that Skunks have taken up residence in your location please call a professional...dont get sprayed!

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