Get Rid of Moles and Voles 

Moles and Voles can cause significant damage to your lawn. Moles burrow under the ground while voles do their damage on top of the surface. Mole and Vole activity should be remedied as soon as possible to prevent widespread further damage. 

May customers ask how we can get rid of moles from their yard, what is our plan? Well we don't use any gimmicks or any home remedies as they always seem to fail one way or another. We trap the moles, remove the moles and apply a lawn treatment that acts as a deterrent to keep them out for good. Trapping moles is no easy task, and calling a professional is a smart decision if you value how your lawn looks. The damage can overtake your lawn in a short amount of time and as the moles reproduce  over time, your lawn can be destroyed.

Moles eat a variety of foods including earth worms and grubs. Grub control will take away some of their food supply, at this point moles will turn to the earth worms. Heavy fertilized lawns are abundant with earth worms and moles can make the prettiest lawns in the neighborhood a real mess pretty quickly.

Meerkat has many years experience trapping the critters and our lawn application works as a deterrent to make sure they don't come back. We have done these lawn applications in conjunction with our trapping program with great success. 

If you want to get your lawn back to looking good.... please call us in Saratoga at 518-587-5050 or in Clifton Park at 518-371-7378. 

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