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Meerkat PRO Removal - (4) Step Program

1. PRO Mice Control: Our Intensive Trapping program is still our best offense for eradicating mice quickly. For mice problems Meerkat PRO-traps are placed in RTU stations and professional Ketch-All units are placed in the crawl space, attic, basement, kitchen areas, garage etc. Our Intensive trapping program will eliminate small or large mice problems very quickly.

2. Rodent Proofing:  For a structure to be professionally rodent proofed, all 1/4 inch gaps and larger from the roof top to the lower level sill plate must be sealed. Areas that are sealed include the brick to fascia tie-in, fascia-soffit, dormer tie-in, j-channel, corner posts, chimney tie-ins, foundation to siding, electrical and plumbing chases, garage door seals, bilco doors, and all other corner intersections. Spaces that need ventilation are usually already sealed with screening, like the ridge vent, louver vents etc. At times there can be rips and tears where flyers and bats can enter. Depending on the location and gap size we use a combination of all weather silicone, high perfomance metal, copper mesh, HW cloth steel screening, mortar and foam based rodent deterrent.   

3. Sanitize and Hepa Vac:  Once the mice have been eradicated and the home has been rodent proofed, the next step is to clean up the droppings and sanitize the harborage areas and pathways. This includes the attic, basement, sill plate-rim joist area and the exterior foundation. This step is critical. 

4. Exterior Monitoring: This last step is optional but adds additional defense to the outside of the home. After the home is sealed exterior monitoring bloc can be placed in Tamper Resistant Stations which are anchored into the ground. At this point we like to fight the battle from the outside not the inside.

Pest Control for Mice - Get Rid of Mice for Good in 5-7 Days

 We know your time is valuable and we'll work to accommodate your schedule. We make the process quick and easy, as it generally takes about 5-7 days and your rodent problem is "Gone for Good." All of our work carries a 100% Warranty against re-entry. 

To schedule a free inspection or for rodent related questions please call us at 518-869-7378.

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