Commercial Pest Control

Meerkat Pest Control offers pest control services to hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, warehouses, schools,  and more. Meerkat Pest Control utilizes an IPM integrated pest management approach which minimizes pesticide use and maximizes exclusion techniques to keep mice and other pests out of your way.  

Structural pest control is the control of pests, mice, wood-destroying insects and organisms which may invade or damage your home or commercial structures. The practice of structural pest control includes identification of infestations or organisims and the performance of any work including treating, eliminating, exterminating, controlling or preventing infestations of common pests. The pest control industry has come a long way and new modern methods are available that combat pests while protecting your health and business. Routine pest management programs offer the best option to keeps pests out for good.

Service Options

Monthly pest control services are the best approach to combat frequent pests problems that may occur in restaurants, hotels, medical facilities and others. 

Rodent Proofing: Meerkat Pest Control also offers permanent solutions for any building. If your business has recurring problems with mice, rats, squirrels or other nuisance wildlife please consult us today on our signature rodent proofing program. 

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