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Meerkat Pest Control is a local family owned business delivering excellence in Pest Control Services and Nuisance Wildlife Removal services in Clifton Park, NY. With over 30 years combined experience we're committed to high quality Pest Control Management Services utilizing the most innovative techniques in the industry today. With Pest Control Services from Meerkat Pest Control, you'll keep your home properly maintained and have the peace of mind that your investment is safe and your family is protected. 

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In Clifton Park, NY there are many homes that are suceptible to the sandy soil conditions. The sandy soil makes it easy for carpenter ants to navigate and termites are a major factor with any moisture problems. Meerkat practices Integrated pest management, pet-safe pest control and humane wildlife removal. Our Pest Control and Nuisance Wildlife Removal services are backed by a 100% Guarantee. Meerkat Pest Control uses the most modern methods and is a must have for anyone who values protection for their home, health and family.

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Meerkat Pest control is a proud member of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce and proud to support the  Albany Police Athletic League, (PAL) which helps so many of our youths participate in many activities including sports and recreation. PAL also puts on the fabulous Capital Holiday Lights in Washington Park each holiday season which attracts thousands of visitors and raises money each year for the organization and the kids. Meerkat Pest Control is proud to support our community and is excited about our participation in Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce and the Albany PAL - Holiday Light programs. 

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