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Welcome to Meerkat's Bee Removal service. Meerkat offers bee removal and bee exterminator services in Slingerlands, NY for Yellow Jackets, Honey Bees, Carpenter Bees, Hornets, Cicada Killers, Mud Wasps, Ground Bees and more. We remove Bees and wasps in walls, attics, soffits, overhangs, eaves and more. Most bees and wasps may be divided into two groups depending on their nesting habits. This article is concerned with those that nest underground, in hollow trees, or sometimes utilize man-made cavities (walls, foundations, attics, etc.). These insects live together and cooperate in many ways. For this reason they are collectively referred to as social insects. Such groups, although beneficial, often have well-developed defense systems, that is, they sting when disturbed. Thus, effective Bee or Wasp Identification and Bee Removal services become necessary. 

Getting Rid of Bees and Wasps around Your Home and Yard 

Coming out of a deep winter freeze, bees and wasps are anxious to start their season. Every spring in Slingerlands, NY, female reproductive start their nests in cavities and small ground depressions. Most residents will take note but not consider a problem until we start to wind down summer and the bee hives are at their peak population and size.To get rid of the bees and wasps, bee removal services are performed in the spring with 90 day residual treatment, not a contact kill knockdown from the big box store. If you live in a wooded area, you may require recurring bee exterminator services through the summer and fall or on a quarterly basis if you want long term control. Recurring Bee Protection will keep your home free of bees and wasps at all times. 

Bee & Wasp Exterminator: Carpenter Bees, Yellow Jackets, Hornets 

The Carpenter Bee is a large intimidating bee that is often confused with the Bumble Bee. The Carpenter Bee suspends itself in the air or "Hovers" around their nesting site, a behavior most homeowners report. Carpenter Bees prefer to build their nests to the south side of an unpainted or house or wooden structure. Their nests are finely drilled holes about the diameter of a dime in your deck, fence, fascia or other structure. Female Carpenter Bees are a stinging insect although not as aggressive as the Yellow Jacket, unless they feel their nest is threatened. Carpenter bees are wood destroying insects that require professional service. Service includes exterior residual treatment and the carpenter bees holes are treated and dusted to prevent re-nesting.

Yellow Jackets are quite aggressive and are more probable to sting. Yellow Jackets often called bees are actually wasps. Yellow Jackets build nests in protected places such as inside man-made structures (attics, hollow walls or flooring, in sheds, under porches, under home siding and eaves of houses), or in soil cavities, mouse burrows, etc. They build them from wood fiber they chew into a paper-like pulp. Yellow jacket nests are usually not considered a problem until their populations are at their peak in late July-Sept; disturbing a nest at this stage can be quite unpleasant and even dangerous. Foragers from late season yellow jacket nests can number in the thousands and sometimes become a nuisance in backyards and picnic areas. Generally insect foragers are less aggressive than those individuals at the nest site. Meerkat's Bee & Wasp Exterminators will fog out behind the wall cavity or behind the siding and flush out the yellow jacket nests, remove the wasps and provide immediate service to the rest of the exterior to prevent re-entry of the pests. Pest control for bees and wasps is best left to a bee exterminator with experience to avoid dangerous stings to family members or applicator.  

Bald Face Hornets, closely resemble Yellow Jackets in shape, but have much bigger heads; they are darker in color with black and white patterns. Bald Face Hornet Nests are the color gray and about the size of soccer ball and they usually hang from a tree nearby. Bald face hornets are extremely aggressive and will attack if you disturb the hive. Please do not disturb the nest, call a professional, don't get stung!

Honey Bee Removal Slingerlands, NY

Meerkat Pest Control offers a full Honey Bee Removal Service that includes removing the Honey Bees and their honey comb from your wall cavity. It is very important that the honey comb is removed to keep the Honey Bees from trying to return to the cavity at a later date which they will, I can assure you. Meerkat's (5) step Honey Bee Removal Program. 

1. Cut a section of the wall out where the nest is located

2. Meerkat will remove the honey bees from the wall

3. Remove the honey comb

3. Repair damages and wall cavity

4. Residual treatment on exterior 

Bee and Wasp Control - Long Term Solutions in Slingerlands NY, 12159

Once the Bee or Wasp population on your property has been brought under control, effective annual quarterly treatments are recommended to keep it that way. Effective residual treatments last about 90 days or every three months. Our Quarterly Bee Program will focus on preventative protection and control every 90 days in spring, summer and fall. The Service includes your overhangs, soffits, eaves, siding, roof and other areas. Newly made nests are scraped and removed. This is the only sure way to keep your home bee and wasp free over the long term. Call us in Slingerlands, NY at at 518-456-0709.

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